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Cake La Latte is a unique fluffy, light cake, soaked in a sweet and milky mixture made of condensed milk, evaporated milk and full-fat milk! It is available in Rose, Biscoff, Kinder Bueno and Oreo flavour. 
Rose La Latte brings a light touch of South Asian Rasmalai puddings. Topped with crushed pistachios and edible rose petals. The flavours and smell from the rose infuse into the milk mixture giving it a subtle fragrant touch. Its a result of our keen desire to experiment with flavours where East meets West. If there’s one dessert, that all our South Asian origin customers truly enjoy, it is the ROSE CAKE LA LATTE! 
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Our classic, gooey chocolate brownies are rich, fudgy and loaded with best quality chocolates, made completely from scratch.


Biscoff Blondie pairs wonderfully with white chocolate. These chewy and moist blondies made with delicious Biscoff cookie butter are the best of both worlds, a soft cookie and a thick, rich, light coloured brownie.
These are dreamy desserts full of cookie butter and white chocolate chips that everyone will love. 
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Jammie Dodger biscuits are one of the most popular kid’s biscuit in the UK! We have incorporated yummy Jammie Dodger biscuits into these soft gooey Jammie Dodger Blondies, as well as adding some extra jam. These fudgy moreish white chocolate blondies are a great alternative to a traditional chocolate brownie and will go perfectly with your afternoon cuppa.

school    cake

Looking for an easy cake that will feed a crowd and make you feel all nostalgic at the same time? This simple sprinkle sponge traybake is guaranteed to remind those of a certain age of their school days. 
It is an iconic pudding from school halls across Britain, the humble tray bake cake has a special place in the memories of those lucky enough to taste it. Pairing simple fluffy vanilla sponge with a soft white icing and multi-coloured sprinkles, it was a staple dish in the traditional school dinner.
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The natural sweetness and beautiful colour of carrots make them the star ingredient in our classic carrot cake recipe. Nothing beats a classic carrot cake - this one has a touch of cinnamon and walnuts plus the obligatory cream cheese icing. This cake is a whopper, so make sure you have some hungry bunnies on hand.


Cookie Dough!! Who could resist a spoonful of this? It’s just sweet, nostalgic comfort food and perfect in every way. Our sweet and delicious Cookie Doughs are delivered uncooked. We will provide you with simple and clear instructions on how to bake just before you serve. It comes with a ready to bake container, place it into your oven and follow the instructions. 
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Chocolate Dipped Strawberries are a tempting, luxury-style treat for any special occasion. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, a birthday, Mother’s Day, or just because, people love to receive this special sweet treat.  Our customers love everything about chocolate-covered strawberries, the crunchy, melt-in-your-mouth shell and the cool, sweet strawberry beneath. 
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Our beautifully designed handcrafted products include bespoke cakes, cupcakes, cupcake bouquets, pizza cakes, cake doughnuts, popsicles and many other cake products.

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