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Transform your celebration into an epic adventure with our Transformers Cake, a masterpiece inspired by the legendary robots in disguise. Each slice is a thrilling journey into the world of Autobots and Decepticons, featuring meticulously crafted characters and dynamic scenes. At our cake shop in Birmingham, we ensure that every Transformers Cake is a fusion of taste and creativity, reflecting our commitment to Quality, Service, and Creativity. Whether it's a birthday party for a young Transformer fan or a themed celebration for enthusiasts of all ages, our cake is sure to captivate and delight guests. Treat yourself or your loved one to an action-packed experience with our Transformers-inspired creation.Thank you for choosing us as your preferred bakery for heartfelt and delicious birthday treats. Please note that the cake in the picture is a 6-inch, 2-layer cake.


  • We require a minimum 72 hours' notice for this cake unless confirmed otherwise. Certain cakes may be available for shorter notice orders. Feel free to enquire about availability.

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