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Celebrate a little one on the way! Having a baby is a wonderful time for any mother and her family. The baby shower is an opportunity to celebrate a new baby coming to the family. Or, if you are having twins, you might be celebrating a twins' baby shower. When celebrating a baby shower, you will need a stunning cake to complete the event. Our online cake shop Birmingham and cake shop Solihull have a range of beautiful cakes for delivery, perfect for baby showers and gender reveal parties. Gender reveal cakes are a fun and beautiful way of revealing to your husband and loved ones what gender your baby is going to be. 


Is babyshower cake different from gender reveal cake?

The difference between a gender reveal cake and a babyshower cake is intent. The term baby shower cake is used for the celebration of life, a new baby coming to the family. On the other hand, gender reveal cake is to reveal and celebrate gender. Our cake makers Birmingham Solihull would either make your cake in both blue and pink colour or would use a neutral colour, then the cake's centre is hollowed out to create a pinata effect, and the inside is filled with blue or pink chocolates, sweets or sprinkles. Or we could colour the entire sponge in blue or pink. So as you cut the impressive showstopper cake the colour become revealed to everyone and the gender of the baby is announced. 

Baby showers are traditionally held before the baby is born, giving the mum-to-be a well-deserved treat. The baby shower is a wonderful opportunity for a mum-to-be to be pampered and looked after and to be the centre of attention for the day. Our cake shop Birmingham wanted to treat every mum-to-be to be in Birmingham. A baby shower entails the gathering of special friends and family to celebrate an impending birth. It’s a celebration that definitely requires a cake.

Shall I order a Babyshower cake or a Genderreveal cake Birmingham?

A babyshower is an event with close family circles designed to celebrate the upcoming birth of a new child and what better way to celebrate than with a glorious cake. And why not add some tasty babyshower cupcakes or babyshower cakesicles? Also, our dessert table is just perfect for a baby shower. There are no rules when it comes to cake. If you wish to combine the babyshower and gender reveal and make it one small event with close family members, our cake makers Birmingham and cake makers Solihull could do with a small refined cake for an intimate gathering. Or you could arrange a large party and look for a fantastic bespoke creation to wow, our cake shop Birmingham and cake shop Solihull can make a cake to impress on any occasion. Babyshower cakes are all about the babe, so our cake makers Birmingham and cake makers Solihull can create your cake to fit any theme from bunnies to babies, booties. Our cake makers Birmingham and cake artist Solihull know just how to make your baby shower cake gorgeously cute, as well as delicious.

Dessert table for the babyshower 

Dessert tables are becoming increasingly popular at the babyshower, because who needs just one dessert when you can have seven to choose from?! Dessert tables usually consist of a buffet-style serving of treats for guests to choose from. The dessert table usually comes with cake doughnuts, cakesicles and cake pops etc. So if you need extra cake alongside a centrepiece cake or would prefer individual cakes instead of a big one, our cake makers Birmingham and cake makers Solihull can bake and decorate as per your requirements.

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Our beautifully designed handcrafted products include bespoke cakes, cupcakes, cupcake bouquets, pizza cakes, cake doughnuts, popsicles and many other cake products.

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